If you’re into Progressive Rock, there’s a free web radio playing it 24/7, no ads: https://morow.com

Tried myself at a quick recording of a cover song today. Acoustic guitar, voice and solo on electric. Video recorded on iPhone. Audio into Logic. Mixed. All in about 1.5 hours. And first for me, I’m editing video in Final Cut X. Turns out pretty good. Will release when done.

While Cashculator was under review for less than an hour, Trickster was “In Review” for 5 days. Go figure. #macreviewtime

An update to Cashculator went through Mac App Store review from “Waiting for Review” to “Pending Developers Release” in about 35 minutes! I bet it’ll take much longer for it just to propagate through the store once released.

Grade 8th in the co-working space

The coworking space is filled with 8-graders doing coding and robotics today. Very cool initiative. These photos are from yesterday from the coworking-space account. I’m not sure I’m allowed to take photos of others’ kids, so that’ll do. Pity my son isn’t here, he’s in the same school division but apparently wasn’t chosen to attend, or didn’t want to. I’ll ask him today.

I built a chickenwire fence around our small garden today to keep bunnies and, mostly, Sparky away. Last summer he decimated our vegetables. Hopefully it’ll hold. Building hardware projects is not something that I have experience in, so I had to find an easy way to build it.

Might as well called it LG X. Except the bezel at the bottom is large, which looks strange, probably because they had to pack Android buttons in there.

Big Big News from Big Big Train: A 2-CD live album of their London shows last summer. 🎵

Working from a co-working space today. I like it here.