Yesterday I learned that there’s an atmospheric effect of ice crystals that create so called Light Pillars. It looks pretty awesome as you drive around the city and see all these… pillars of light. Apparently it’s pretty rare.

For the first time in my life I did a bit of downhill skiing. Starting at age 40 is not the best but hey, there were no broken bones, so that’s a good start in my book.

The whole city of Winnipeg is shovelling snow from their driveways today.

My cover of the guitar solo on Money

I’m quite proud of how my playing of David Gilmour’s solos on Money sound. Somehow I never learned any of the solos on Dark side of the Moon. This one was a long time on my list. Surprisingly, it took me less than two evening to study it and record. It’s not perfect but enough to be happy with it and move to the next thing. Watch here:

It’s beautiful outside. Hoar frosts create a magical atmosphere.