Beatles Blackbird cover

The last couple of weeks I’ve been working on a special cover of Beatles’ song Blackbird, from the White Album. I actually started working on some of the licks for the second guitar part a couple of years ago but then left it alone and came back to it just now. If you don’t know the original (you should), check it out on your music streaming service or watch on YouTube here:

I changed the structure of the song a bit, added 4 backing vocals and a second guitar part, which adds quite a lot, in my opinion. I’m really happy with all the licks there. Not so happy with my singing, but it’s not my forte.

The other thing that was quite new for me is investing in mixing. I used plugins from Slate Digital bundle, watched some videos to better understand how to mix and master and I’m actually quite happy with the result. It took me quite a while to mix it, several evenings.

I wasn’t recording videos of myself working on it, so the video is the whole project playing in Logic Pro X with the mixer and the tracks visible. I only added some nature and bird videos to make it more interesting.

Oh, and there’s a small surprise from my daughter in the end. Hope you like it. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel, to see there when new videos come out. Enjoy.

Thanks to Jeff Johnson who quickly replied on Twitter with the link to download it. But the link only appears on Apple’s support page at and it can’t be found on the Mac App Store using “macOS high sierra”, for example.

My 2010 Mac Book Pro is running macOS 10.12 (Sierra) beta. I want to upgrade to latest 10.13. Mac App Store suggests Mojave but when I try to download it, says that it’s not supported (correct) but doesn’t suggest downloading High Sierra. I can’t find a way to download it.

Perhaps it’s a stupid and basic question in biology, but when you put a bean (as a seed) in the soil, how does it know to grow the root down into the earth and shoot the stem up through the soil?

Playing chess. It’s been a while, frankly.

Last evening: teaching kids the intro to Metallica’s Nothing Else Matters. Oh, the memories of learning it myself at my son’s age.

This is an interesting social project: A non-tracking search engine which uses income to plant trees around the world. Over 46mil tree planted. Ecosia.